LED Lighting Products in Green Manufacturer

September 12, 2011
Orange, California

LED lighting products

September 12, 2011

Pixi Lighting LLC has introduced a new line of LED lighting products designed for increased energy efficiency, longevity, and color rendition in commercial and institutional environments.

The company's patent-pending LED technologies deliver lighting products that feature the warm glow of incandescent bulbs without the hazard of mercury that's present in spiral fluorescent bulbs.

The company uses 99.7 percent aluminum, stamped heat sink fins to allow for efficient downward light pass-through and provide an even light source in the shape and form factor of the classic A19 Edison light bulb.

High-voltage LED emitter chips simplify the power supply, which can lead to high reliability and long life, according to the manufacturer. The lighting products also offer uniformity of light, overall brightness, and freedom from shadow effects. The use of injection molding over encapsulation (IMOETM) technology on the LED chip packaging results in radiation angles up to 150 degrees and less internal light bounce-back, which helps to enhance brightness.

The bulbs are RoHS-compliant and contain no hazardous substances like lead, cadmium, or mercury. They also are certified IP 65 for ingress protection, meaning that the bulbs are usable outdoors and can be exposed to streams of water or rain as long as the bulbs are not fully immersed. 

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