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Pixi Lighting is committed to providing today's leading FlatLight™ LED technology. And we'll continue defining the future with beautiful, brilliant light that's efficient, affordable and environmentally responsible.

Pixi FlatLight™ LED lighting solutions are specifically designed to easily replace current conventional products and provide significant advantages. They are available in Residential and Commercial-Grade options. LED lights switch on instantly (with no gradual warm-up) and dissipate very little heat, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint for homes and commercial facilities. On average, LED lights use less energy-per-lumens than traditional lighting, which translates into substantial savings. Pixi LED FlatLights contain no mercury or lead, so they are environmentally friendly.


Choose warm or cool FlatLight solutions. Warm lighting yields the comfortable feeling that homeowners have come to expect. Bright or daylight FlatLights create a contemporary work environment that is well-lighted and improves effective production.