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Alice Ahn

Pixi Lighting Revolutionizes Residential and Commercial Interior Design with LED FlatLightâ„¢ Luminaires

November 15, 2012 – New York

The future of lighting has been redefined with the introduction of Pixi FlatLight™ Luminaires, a new concept that easily replaces many conventional lighting products with modern technology, providing environmental, financial and design advantages for residential and commercial applications.

LED Lighting Products in Green Manufacturer

September 12, 2011 – Orange, California

LED lighting products

September 12, 2011

Pixi Lighting LLC has introduced a new line of LED lighting products designed for increased energy efficiency, longevity, and color rendition in commercial and institutional environments.

The company's patent-pending LED technologies deliver lighting products that feature the warm glow of incandescent bulbs without the hazard of mercury that's present in spiral fluorescent bulbs.

Pixi Launches A19 - from Builder

August 4, 2011 – Orange, California

The Pixi line of A19 LED bulbs is an environmentally responsible replacement option for 40-watt incandescents. Ideal for indoor or enclosed outdoor fixtures, the energy-saving lighting casts a warm light and is fully dimmable. It measures a little more than 2 ½ inches by almost 5 inches and has a potential life of 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Cost: $17.99.Pixi Lighting. 714-221-9830 

Five things you didn't know about LED lightbulbs -

Martin LaMonica

July 28, 2011 – Orange, California

If you've heard about residential LED lightbulbs, you probably know that they're energy-efficient, last a long time, and are pricier than other lightbulb technologies.

I've been using LED lights in my home for several months now, and overall the transition has been good. As you consider your lighting options, here a few things that you might not know about LEDs.

Latest LED bulbs Plug In - ZDnet

July 28, 2011 – Orange, California

At this point, my home has become a bit of a testing lab for LED light bulbs and the experiment has gone well. Pictured here are some of the more recent bulbs to come to market, including the Philips 17-watt A21 LED light on the front right, which is a 75-watt equivalent priced at $39.97 at Home Depot. On the front left is Lighting Sciences Group 60-watt equivalent which uses 13 watts and costs $34.97. LED bulbs qualify utility-sponsored rebates in some states.