Ultra-Thin LED Pixi FlatLight giveaway (Winner's Choice)

June 30, 2014

Last year after we bought our house, we decided to slowly start switching all our lights to LED. Compared to traditional bulbs, LED’s are initially more expensive but they last up to 25 times longer and are much more energy efficient which actually saves you money in the long run!

So far, we have only replaced single bulbs in a few rooms downstairs, so I was thrilled to try out the new PIXI FlatLight!BEFORE_AFTER PIXI FlatLight Install

We decided to replace our clunky fluorescent kitchen light with a 1′ x 4′ PIXI FlatLight since our kitchen light is probably the most used light in the house!

We installed it the day it arrived! It only took about 15-20 minutes to install! I couldn’t believe how much BRIGHTER it was! (I still can’t! Seriously!) Plus the LED lights are more like natural light, so the food photos I take in my kitchen now aren’t yellow tinted!

PIXI FlatLight Giveaway

My 5 Favorite Features:

  1. Much MUCH brighter (and faster)
  2. Significantly lower energy consumption and more cost-effective for us
  3. Contains NO mercury or lead — reducing our carbon footprint
  4. Lasts significantly longer (up to 17 years when used for an average of eight hours a day)
  5. Clean elegant slim design – TruFlat mounting against walls & ceilings, or suspended mounting if you want it to hang over an island in your kitchen

PIXI FlatLight in Kitchen

Right now, PIXI FlatLight Luminaries come in 1′ x 4′, 2′ x 2′, 1′ x 1′ and 1′ x 2′ sizes and are available at Home Depot for as low as $79. The newer larger 2’ x 4’ Ultra-Thin LED FlatLight Luminaire will be coming soon to stores near you!

PIXI FlatLight Sizes

PIXI Lighting is at the leading edge of LED technology today. And they would like to provide one lucky winner a light that not only looks fantastic, but also saves you time and money!


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