Why Pixi?

See the comparison table below to see the advantages of PIXI versus copy products:


Why choose Pixi Lighting? Because we're passionate about the art and science of LED lighting. And because our FlatLight™ LED technology provides better light. Light that not only looks fantastic, but also saves you time and money. Pixi offers beautiful light for living. Our panel lights are ideal in residential, commercial or industrial settings. Actually anywhere you desire elegant, efficient light. Pixi is an expert in LED lighting design and development. Pixi Lighting features innovations that enable our FlatLight™ LEDs to outshine competitors. Our proprietary technology yields aesthetically pleasing LED lights that are less expensive, last longer and deliver better lighting performance. And all of our LED lights are manufactured without mercury or lead, so they're environmentally responsible.



So welcome to Pixi. And enjoy living in The best light possible.